Why Choose Us?


There are a number of reasons why you should choose Vein and Medical Care, PLLC.  Our experienced Surgeon had performs thousands of procedures and the outcome are exceptionally satisfied.  There are many treatment options available to fit every patient’s need. We will create a stress free environment in order to fulfill all treatments and procedures to a gold standard.

From the minutes our patients walk inside Vein and Medical Care, our friendly and knowledgeable staff and vein expert will assist and provide our patient with very informative information that can help them make the best decision regarding their vascular disease and other health issue.  Patients are sure to get the right plans of treatment they are seeking.

We provide state of the art diagnosis and treatment in vein disease and health related issues. We offer a combination of medicine, ultrasound technology, laser physic, electrical and computer engineering, and surgical expertise; Dr. Chieu Nguyen brings an unparalleled background in all of these fields.

Our patients will receive top- quality treatments.  We will make your varicose vein, spider veins, leg pain, swollen legs, restless legs, chronic venous insufficiency and other health issues a thing of the past.